And the C2 results are in…

Well I cannot believe it’s been a whole 30+ days since my last blog post and moreover 30 days since I finished C1!! Where has that time gone!! 

So first up, let me give you my low down on C2!! Nearing the end of C1 I was itching start it, I was so excited for the food freedom and the carbs, but let me tell you this… It was not love! After about a week I got fed up with it all, I hated all the carbs in their mountains and don’t even get me started on the veg mountains!! I found myself feeling rather lethargic and sluggish again, something I hadn’t felt since before I’d started the plan! I also noticed a flare up in my skin again which has been super clear since around a week into C1! 

I know I didn’t put as much effort into this cycle as I could have done but I stuck to the exercise and only missed 1 HIIT session, but my food was slightly off at times and I found myself reaching for the biscuit barrel now and again! Yet despite all this I still managed to lost 1lb and another 2.5 inches throughout this cycle, and I’m super chuffed! I hadn’t expected to lose anything in this cycle, it’s a ‘bulking cycle’ and concentrates on building muscle so I’d expected a gain more than a loss! My pictures are below (top – start, middle – end C2, bottom – end C2)

Not bad huh?!

So what has C2 taught me?

Contrary to my belief, I’m not a carbaholic!! I used to proper binge on carbs, im talking lasagne, chips AND garlic bread, triple whammy! And then a year ago I scared myself off them as I got into the whole ‘carbs make you fat’ mentality. This plan has really taught me about fueling my body and that carbs are not the enemy, but the cycle in particular has made me realise that I’m really not as big a fan as I once was! Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy them but not at every meal! 

Lifting won’t make you bulky! Well this is an obvious one that actually I already knew, but you wouldn’t believe how many people think that girls are gonna end up like Arnie if they start weight training!! Ain’t gonna happen, like, never!! The female body simply doesn’t have the hormones to build muscles like the male body does! What it does do is make you lean and strong and of course there is the huge bonus fact that increased muscle mass actually helps the body to burn more fat! Win win situation, right?! 

So it’s time for C3, the third and final cycle and I’m excited to see what results it will bring! I’m certainly not going to have a 6 pack by the end of it but judging by how my confidence is growing at the moment you can bet I’ll be feeling more confident in my skin than ever! 

x O x O x


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