The first cycle: results, changes and learning curves! 

Well I did it, I completed the first cycle! 30 days, 4 weeks, 1 whole month… I bloody well did it! Anyone who has followed my journey will know I’m not always the best at staying on the wagon, but when I started this plan something just clicked! I’m not saying I’ve been perfect, a few maltesers have passed my lips I will admit, but my food has been 98% on plan and my exercise has been 100% and I have been super pleased with what I have achieved so far! So first things first, here are the all important results…

So cycle 1 bought with it a total loss of 3 lbs and 8 inches, pretty awesome for 30 days huh? And there is the evidence, I think the pictures speak such bigger volumes than the scales did!

So yes, I am very very pleased. However, this wasn’t the case straight away! In the lead up to results day, I had been feeling quietly confident about my results and then boom, Mother Nature decides it time she started planning her dreaded visit and suddenly I feel disgustingly bloated! What impeccable timing hey?! But still, on I go and keep working my butt off for the final stretch. Fast forward to results day, I woke up that morning really hyped up, stripped down to my finest granny pants 😂😂 and took my pics, next came the tape measure and I was so chuffed! So in the car I hop and off to boots to stand on that dreaded sad step. I started C1 at 10 stone 5 lbs and in my head, I expected to see that all important 9 stone bracket I so eagerly await…. 10 stone 2, I was GUTTED! Only 3 lbs, it that it? So I sulked off home, disheartened and quite frankly pissed off! I looked at my pictures and started putting together some comparisons with my starting pictures and it was only then I actually saw what I had achieved (athough even then, I still couldn’t see much difference, but it was there, it was small but it was definitely there!). Every single day I stand and look in the mirror, poking, prodding and pulling about all that wobbles, and day to day nothing changes, we don’t see it happening until we actually look back! Since my results, I have kept looking at my pictures and do you know what, the more I look at the the more changes I can see, and the prouder I feel about how far I have come in such a short space of time!

So what has the 90 day SSS plan taught me so far? So much…

Firstly, the importance of a good exercise bra, I never knew their range of movement could be so vast😂😂 all joking aside though ladies, invest in a decent one, you won’t regret it!

How quickly my fitness levels would pick up. I have always been a bit of an exercise phobe, and I’m not afraid to admit it! The first day, I actually thought I was going to die after my hiit session and I’m not even exaggerating, but I was really amazed how quickly my fitness seemed to improve and it continues to do so with every passing day that I train! Dare I even say I now enjoy exercise…. Those are words I NEVER thought I would hear leave my mouth!!

Carbs are my friend, not my enemy! Before this plan I had totally scared myself away from carbs and was very rarely eating them… There seems to be such a stigma around them in the world of dieting, how they make you gain weight, that white carbs are the devil, you shouldn’t eat them after 7pm or you will turn into a gremlin or something hehe!! This plan has taught me that actually, carbs are okay, and my body needs them, especially after I have smashed out a hiit session and my body needs to replace the stores it’s used up and repair itself.

Burpees on the other hand, are not my friend, nor will they ever bloody well be! 😂

It really doesn’t take loads of exercising. I always used to think that you needed to spend hours in the gym to see results, so when Joe Wicks claimed that a 20 minute hiit session 5 days a week was enough, I was sceptical! But how right is he… If you do it properly and really give it your all, 20 minutes is all you need and you won’t want to do any more! 😂

The sad step is naughty and it needs to go and sit in the corner facing the wall and be ashamed of itself! It is so hard to step away from focussing on what the scales say, and that is something I still struggle with now and will for some time yet but I think the pictures above speak for themselves… That ‘only 3lb’ I lost becomes totally irrelevant in retrospect! The scales can never tell you how healthy you are, they take no consideration for body compositions and they certainly can’t tell you how much you are worth as a person! So if you do just one thing for yourself this week, it’s put those bloody scales away and go buy a tape measure instead. Trust me, you won’t regret It!

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! This plan takes a hell of a lot of planning and prepping! It is time consuming but it’s worth it, it keeps me on track and I know my life won’t always be surrounded by Tupperware and pots and pans! 

So that’s it, c1 done and dusted! Now for c2, the introduction of weights and hopefully some more inches lost! Watch this space for progress,

Bring it on!



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