Smashing the granny out of 90 day SSS!! 

So I know I keep saying that I’ll get better at blogging, but let’s face it, I never do! But here’s why… I have been feeling so unmotivated for months and months, not just in food but in life! My energy levels have been so low, my weight has been yo yo-ing and my get up and go had well and truly got up and gone! Anyway enough of the depressing talk, you may remember a while back I talked about the wonderful (and very beautiful) Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach. I’d been following him on social media for a while and had read his book ‘lean in 15’ from cover to cover more than once. His recipes are amazing and so tasty, and I just love the whole principle of his plan, so after much deliberation I decided to take a step back a little from slimming world and follow Joe’s 90 day SSS plan to see if I can finally hit my weight goals! 

I have to say, it took a great deal of reading and planning to get prepared for my first week, then there was the shopping… Oh the pain! I like to think I’m quite a savvy shopper which of course meant it took twice as long as I went to several different shops. But then there was the price, oh my goodness! I spent so much! That said, the first week of something is always going to be the most expensive and some of the things I bought would last a few weeks (if I kept telling myself this, I didn’t cry so hard when I look at my bank balance!) 😂😂

So fast forward almost 3 weeks and here I am… Day 19 of the first cycle is almost over and I’m just 11 days away from the next cycle! I literally cannot believe how fast these 3 weeks have gone! From the stress and planning of the first week, it’s all become second nature now and the days are flying by! The first morning I got up at 6am to do my first HIIT session, yes you read that right… Me, 6am, exercise! I know, I know, I never thought I’d see the day either!! But you know what? I freaking loved how I felt after and I’ve done it 5 times a week since! Even on the days I’ve woken up thinking I can’t be bothered, I’ve made myself do it and I’ve smashed the absolute granny out of it!!! Afterwards, I am always so glad I’ve done it and feel awesome!

The plan comes with a plethora of recipes, needless to say I haven’t tried them all but the meals I have made have been awesome!! Here are just a few of my favourites 😍

Ultimate build up bagel ❤️

Cajun chicken and quinoa

Protein pancakes – these are the nuts ❤️❤️

Cashew chicken curry – delish!

Mousse me up – perfect sweet treat!

Spicy turkey mince 😍

Mediterranean stuffed peppers

Chicken stir fry

Satay chicken – another favourite here!

Lean pork burger

Teriyaki salmon! Amazing!

Honey spiced chicken and paprika potatoes

On top of the lush food, I feel like I have so much more energy and my skin is amazing right now!! I’ve always suffered from terrible skin and I’ve always known that one of the reasons for this is that I don’t drink enough… Since starting this plan I have been drinking 2.5-3 litres a day and that’s obviously done wonders for my body (plus the fact I’m up and down to the toilet every half an hour has got to be burning some extra calories, right?!)

I am so so glad I decided to take the plunge and start the plan, it’s the best thing I could have done with the way I was feeling and I have absolutely no regrets! In just 11 short days I will weigh in and retake my measurements to see how much Magic the plan has worked. I can definitely see changes happening in my body so I’m excited to see my results! 

I’ve found it quite a struggle over the months to step away from the idea of relying on the ‘sad step’ as Joe calls it. I’ve always struggled with my weight and at times got quite obsessed with stepping on the scales (we’ve all done it, moving them around the room to see where you weigh lightest?! Right?! 😂). There is so much pressure on us to be our ‘ideal weight’ or BMI when actually these things don’t take into consideration factors such as body composition or muscle:fat ratios. Take a body builder for example, you sure as hell could not say they were overweight but I bet you their BMI would say exactly that! But now more than ever, my focus is no longer on losing weight and what the sad step says, instead my focus is to lose fat and get lean! 

Watch this space for some hopefully awesome cycle 1 results…

Onwards and downwards



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