Cleaning up my act…

it’s been a while since I’ve sat and written a blog post! Yes, I know, I’m useless!! 😂 if I spent as much time actually writing the posts as I do saying I’m going to write more, I’d be laughing!! But let’s face it, in a few weeks time I’ll be saying this all over again!! 😉

So what’s been going down at diet dodger HQ I hear you ask? I’d love to tell you all kinds of exciting things, but honestly, not a lot at all has been going down! We are currently in the middle of a house move (How exciting?!!) so everything is pretty up in the air at the moment! We are slowly packing, so day by day I’m getting surrounded by more boxes, which is my idea of a nightmare! I hate packing… wait, let me rephrase that, I hate Rob packing! Ha ha! I like everything to be in the right boxes and I want to have a little spring clean/declutter as I pack so we aren’t taking unneeded junk with us… Rob on the other half, a typical alpha male, just chucks it all in and it drives me MAD!!

Diet wise, I’m stuck in a bit of a rut and I won’t lie, I’m struggling to get out of it! I’m not sure why I feel so unmotivated at the moment, but my mojo just seems to have upped and left! That said, I could have easily let me weight creep back up but I haven’t let that happen so I’m ding something right! As you may have seen on Facebook, I’ve been changing my food a bit over the past few months! Since Christmas, I’ve been a bit all over the place with slimming world and my weight has yoyo-ed up and down so I decided I needed to make some more changes to try and shake things up a little. So i decided to treat myself to Lean in 15 by The Body Coach after weigh in one evening. That night I read the book from cover to cover, once I started I just couldn’t put it down! I feel like it really taught me a lot about food and really whet my appetite to learn more! I’d never really taken the time to think about the types of foods i’m eating and how they could be effecting by weigh loss journey or my body shape!

After reading the book, I decided to take the principles of Lean in 15 and embed them into my food planning. I changed the majority of my meals to low carb, high protein meals and planned in some carb-refuel meals for after exercise. I cut out fat-free and low-fat alternatives and switched back to whole, raw foods such as Greek yogurt and coconut oil. I used these within my syn allowance along with lots of good fats such as nuts, seeds & avocados. I also made sure I still had my healthy extra A & B choices.

I followed this plan from the Friday and by weigh in on the Tuesday I was 1lb down and had lost an inch off my waist! Super chuffed! I felt such a difference in myself already, I wasn’t craving rubbish food and I felt really full and satisfied after every meal! I continued with the clean eating until I fell off the wagon and had takeaway!! The weeks that followed, I didn’t follow the clean eating plan as closely and I really noticed a difference again! I really want to get back into the habit of clean eating and cutting out the processed stuff the majority of the time so I plan to get my books back out and I have pre-ordered the new Lean in 15 book that is due for release in June ❤️

I’m still researching and learning about food groups and the research behind clean eating but I’d love to share my findings so watch this space!! More blogs will follow over the next week (and this time they really will 😂)

Onwards and downwards