Extra Easy SP: Triple-T K A

So as some of you may have seen on my facebook page, I recently took a little visit to costa del Birmingham to see the extremely talented and still incredibly swoon-worthy Take That. All I can say is WOW! They were incredible!! This also meant that I took a few days off plan (or to be more precise, a few days of indulging in fry ups, kebabs, chocolate, sweets, wine and cocktails!!) It was super worth it though, although I haven’t actually weighed myself since returning home so I’m not sure what damage, if any, was caused!

Anyhow, since getting back, I’ve been wanting to give myself a bit of a boost. I came across a post all about the 7 day cabbage soup diet and I was thinking of giving it a go, I’d even written my shopping list. But after some careful consideration and a bit of a reality check I’ve decided against it. It will be really hard to stick to as its so restrictive and the chances are, any weight I lose (which would be mainly water weight anyway) will go straight back on as soon as I return to normal eating, albeit healthy eating. So I have decided to stick with what I know and what I know works, and will be giving the Extra Easy SP plan a whirl for a week. Triple-T K A, Time to totally kick ass!

After chats with my wonderful friend and fellow slimmer, we have decided to embark upon our slimming journeys together in order to motivate and get motivated! Weigh in day will be every Thursday from here onwards. The journey may now always be a straight road, there will be times we fall off the wagon, sometimes we will walk it, sometimes we will run it, hell we might even crawl it at times but we will do this, together!

So down to business… What is Extra Easy SP?

Extra Easy SP is designed to supercharge your weightloss. Meals should consist of 50/50 of Speed & Protein foods. Each day you can also enjoy 1 HEA choice and 2 HEB choices as well as 5-15 syns a day.

Planning your food:

1. Pick your S AND P foods –
Each mealtime, fill your plate with S and P foods, at least half of your plate should be full of S foods. The S symbols is mainly in the fruit and vegetable sections but does not include potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, sweetcorn, mango, pineapple, kiwi, grapes or bananas.
The P symbols are in the fish, lean meats like beef, chicken, pork etc, along with eggs, beans, peas, pulses and vegetarian products such as Quorn and Tofu.
Low fat/free fat cottage cheese and Quark are also classed as P foods.

You should also reach for S and P foods first as snacks between your main meals.

2. Pick your healthy extras –
Choose one HEA and two HEB choices each day.
To speed up weight loss look out for the healthy extras with the S symbol.

3. Enjoy your syns –
Enjoy 5-15 Syns as usual!

Of course if you want to occasionally eat something like “potatoes or a syn free yogurt” on Extra Easy SP this is okay to do and they are still classed as free food. But if you really want to boost your weight loss it is recommended that you stick to the S and P foods instead.

Below is some more information on the foods you should be aiming to eat on the Extra Easy SP Plan…

 Onwards and downwards,
Big love


It doesn’t matter if you fall off the wagon… As long as you climb back on!!

So it’s been a quiet few days for me blog wise and in that time I’m ashamed to say I did fall off the wagon a little, not completely, but almost!! I indulged in a few treats (who can resist Nutella brownies baked with love by the boyfriend!!) and I also missed my Thursday weigh in due to being otherwise engaged!! And yes I’m ashamed to admit that I slipped into that mindset of “well I’ve screwed up already so one more chocolate/burger/brownie etc won’t hurt” and luckily for me, this time it didn’t hurt! I got on the scales today expecting a gain, in fact I closed my eyes and didn’t want to look! But lo and behold, I braved a peek and what do I see…?!!

I actually lost an amazing 3lbs since my previous weigh in!! And my BMI and body fat percentage are further decreasing! Just the boost I needed!! But this time I got lucky…  Not every cheat day will still bring a loss! 

Next weigh in I should achieve my first mini goal of half a stone loss!! Bring it on!

Onwards and downwards!

Big love 😘

Slimming world: the low down.

So as promised (albeit a little later than hoped) I’m going to talk all things slimming world! I’m a big advocate for slimming world and have followed it several times over the years! 

So what’s it all about…?

Slimming worlds generous eating plan makes slimming easier than ever! Instead of telling you what you can and can’t eat, Food Optimising puts you in control. You don’t need to worry about weighing all your food, counting points or monitoring every mouthful.

Slimming World’s highly effective approach to weight loss is empowering and enabling. The support – online and in group – is based on a deep understanding of how you feel and a passionate desire to help you achieve your personal weight loss goals – and maintain them for life!

Success isn’t achieved by setting impossible standards, or through humiliation, it’s achieved through caring, compassion and respect. You decide what size you want to be and we’ll help you get there. At Slimming World we work together to help you look and feel great – body, mind and soul.

Never go hungry again! Our Free Food list includes masses of food that you can eat in unlimited amounts.

Eat as much as you want, when you want!

No food is banned! Enjoy your favourite treats every day and still lose weight.

Support every step of the way – in group and online where our Consultants and your fellow members want you to succeed just as much as you do!

You set your own target. You choose the weight you want to be and together we’ll achieve it.

(Adapted from http://www.slimmingworld.com)

Many people are sceptical about slimming world, I mean how can you possibly lose weight when you eat so much? But it really does work! And here’s how…

Your food is split up in to 4 groups; free food, healthy extra A’s, healthy extra B’s and syns. 

Free foods include all your fresh and frozen fruit, fresh, frozen and tinned veg, lean meats, your basic carbs such as pasta, rice and cous cous and eggs.

Healthy extra A’s are all your dairy products.

Healthy extra B’s include cereals, breads (predominantly wholemeal), nuts & seeds, tinned fruit & crispbreads.

Syns are all the other things that we know are naughty! Chocolate, cake, pizza… All the reasons people join slimming world in the first place! 😂 as a rule of thumb, every 20 calories is usually 1 syn, although this only works for a few foods so it’s important to know the correct syn value of what your eating!  

Each day, you can eat as much free food as you wish along with 1 choice from the HeA section and 1 choice from the HeB section. In addition to this, you can enjoy between 10-15 syns throughout the day.

So, in a nutshell, that is what it’s all about! Obviously there are more intricate details but if I went into every little detail I would be here all night! 

The plan can be followed either by attending a local group or by becoming an online member. Personally I would recommend attending a group, it’s lovely to have the support of others around you and it’s a nice opportunity to make friends and socialise. For now I will actually be following the plan at home until I am in a better position to rejoin a group! 😊

Onwards and downwards,

Big love 😘


So today was my first weigh in and I have to say I’m super pleased! I’m down 3 lbs already which means that any loss next week will see me go into the next stone down! My BMI has also already dropped by 1 & my body fat percentage has decreased by 1.2%. Whilst these changes are only small, it’s a step in the right direction! I’m also extremely pleased that I’ve gained back the 0.4 inches I appeared to lose last week… Clearly I wasn’t standing up straight lol!

So how has my first week been? Well here’s my verdict! It’s actually been okay, yes I’ve had cravings for chocolate and such the like, but I’ve allowed myself little treats now and again within my calorie allowance! I’ve enjoyed the food I’ve eaten although I have to say I’ve felt hungry on several occasions! Furthermore, calorie counting has at times been a pain in the arse! Prepackaged foods are easy, they’re all on my fitness pal to select… It’s when something needs to be weighed to work out the calories that bothers me! Quick frankly, I cannot be bothered half the time (teamed with the fact the battery has run out on my scales!!) as I generally have a child at my feet trying to climb up my leg or I’m practically competing for a new Guinness world record for preparing and eating a meal just so I can sit and enjoy it in peace before the monster awakens from his slumber! 

So for this reason, I have decided to get myself back on plan with slimming world! I’ve followed slimming world several times over the years and I’ve gotta say I do love it! It’s simple, you can eat so much yummy food, there’s no calorie counting, very little (if any) need to weigh and best of all, it works! I’ve yet to decide whether I will return to an actual group (I mean, I don’t need to pay someone to tell me I’m fat when I can do it for free myself 😂) So my wonderful friend and fellow slimmer, Gem, will be updating me on all the recent changes to the slimming world plan and to start out I will be going it alone from the comfort of my own home! 

Once I’m back up to speed with the plan I will be doing a blog post all about it. I hope that by doing this I can help to inform others about how great slimming world really is! 

Onwards and downwards,

Big love 😘

Monday again…

So I’ve not blogged for a couple of days… Not much to report really! I was a tiny bit naughty and went over my 1200 calories on Sunday as I had a cheeky few squares of chocolate (god it was goooood!!) and I had a big fat Sunday roast with all the trimmings! Not even sorry for going over my calories, it was an amazing roast!! In my defence, I still managed to keep under 1500 which is still really good considering the recommended daily calorie intake for a woman in order to maintain her weight is around the 2000 mark!! I also tried something a little different for breakfast yesterday… Wheatabix with natural yogurt, banana and honey! It was quite nice but a little dry, so maybe only 1 wheatabix & more yogurt next time!

This morning I made some slimming world pancakes (recipe below) which I served with some honey, I must say that I find them a pain in a backside to cook and they tasted much more eggy than I remember them tasting in the past but they were edible and Taylor seemed to enjoy them!

Slimming world pancakes:

Ingredients (makes 2 pancakes)

6 tbsp sweetener
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 egg
Fry Light

Separate the egg yolk and egg white into separate bowls
Add 3 tbsp of sweetener to the egg white. Using an electric mixer, whisk up the egg white until it makes stiff peaks
Add the vanilla extract and the rest of the sweetener to the egg yolk and mix well.:
Fold the egg yolk into the egg white mixture
Spray a pan with Fry Light and pour half the mixture into the pan. After a few minutes flip the pancake over,
Take the pancake out a few minutes later, and repeat the cooking process with the rest of the mixture.
Serve them up with your favourite pancake topping and enjoy!

Lunch was a pitta pizza, these are really simple to make, just a little tomato purée (or ketchup) and your choice of toppings then pop it under the grill!

And finally tea (cooked for me by my wonderful mumma) was a bacon and cheese omelette and salad! Yum yum!

So its 3 days until my first weigh in day, I’m pretty confident that I will have lost something, even if just little! And if by some miracle I manage to lose something crazy like 3 lbs then I will be rewarding myself with a glass of wine!! 😉

onwards and downwards,

big love 😘