Ideal weight charts: Don’t let them determine your success, or failure!

So as promised I have done a little reading online into the whole ‘ideal weight’ malarkey and just as I expected, you should take it with a pinch of salt! In a nut shell, the reasons being: It shows no consideration for body composition and makes no distinction between lean body weight and fat body weight.

So whilst it gives a rough guide of what your weight should be, that is really all it is, a ROUGH guide. The same also goes for Body Mass Index (BMI). In fact, the height-weight ratio charts were originally created for insurance purposes, not health and fitness! Therefore, we shouldn’t rely upon the scales as at primary measure of weight loss, and such a focus is often the very reason that many fail on their journey!

The best measurement of weigh loss is in fact the body fat percentage! There are several methods through which body fat percentage can be measured, machines are often used (such as the healthy weight machine I used at boots) but there is a great deal of scepticism over the accuracy of this particular method. The most reliable method of measurement is the use of calipers; these are readily available to purchase and guidelines of how to measure correctly can be found in abundance. However, I personally would not trust my own measurements so I will be sticking to the trusty old weight machine at boots… Whilst it may not be completely accurate, it can give me a round about idea at the least!

Additionally, according to the NHS, the circumference of an individual’s waist can provide information on their health; excess fat carried around the stomach can cause more health problems than fat carried around the thighs or bum. Individuals who carry excess weight around their stomach are suggested to be more likely to develop type 2 diabetes and suffer from heart problems. The ‘ideal’ waist circumference for a female according to the NHS is 32″ or less, a measurement between 32-35″ is classes as high, whilst anything greater that 35″ is deemed very high. These measurement differ for males, these can be found on the NHS website.

In order to work out the health risks of your waist circumference, you can use the simple formula of dividing your waist circumference by your hip circumference. A ratio of greater than 0.85 means you are carrying to much weight around your middle.

Reading this reminded me to take some measurements and from these I worked out my hip:waist ratio (37/39) giving me a result of 0.95. Yes whilst this is only a mere 0.1 away from the recommended maximum ratio, after trying it with a range of numbers it is evident that I would need to lose at least 5″ from my waist in order to gain a result of below 0.85! Furthermore, any inch loss from my hips would reasily in the need of a greater loss from my waist in order to maintain a 0.85 ratio! So that little 0.1 is actually pretty big!!

So what is your ideal weight? Well that’s easy, it’s whatever you weigh when your body fat percentage is within the recommended range! Of course, it is important to remember that none of the afore mentioned methods measure your health or your value as a person, these can not be measured. Therefore, such methods should simply be used as tools to help us gain a level of insight into our bodies!

onwards and downwards,

big love 😘


So far so good…

Just a quick progress update: I’ve not had much time to post properly today so this will be short and sweet! I’m still very much on the wagon, I’ve kept under my calorie goal of 1,200 every day so far! Yesterday’s food was nothing exciting enough to mention as I didn’t go shopping until late afternoon so it was a case of making use of what I had. Today however I’ve made 2 yummy meals!

I had really been craving a bacon sarnie all morning so for lunch a made myself a healthy wrap containing egg, mushroom, bacon (with all fat removed), a little cheese and some HP sauce! And it was AMAZING!!

Lunch - all day breakfast wrap 👍🏻

Lunch – all day breakfast wrap 👍🏻

then for tea I made the slimming world lamb donor meat… It’s so easy but tastes amazing! I served it up with lots of salad and a little cheese, Mayo & sweet chilli! Felt like I was eating something really naughty!! 🙊 I even had enough calories left for a cheeky ice cream afterwards!

(Lamb donor meat recipe can be found at:

Tea - home made lamb donor kebab 👍🏻

Tea – home made lamb donor kebab 👍🏻

so that’s about all I have to report for now! I have started a post on the whole ‘ideal weight’ malarkey that I will finish and post tomorrow 👍🏻

anyhoo, it’s goodnight from me!

onwards and downwards,

big love 😘

The ‘ideal weight’, so healthy it’s unhealthy?

so last night when I got into bed I couldn’t help but lay there and think about the details on my weight print out, in particular the ‘ideal weight’ part…

So apparently, for my height, a weight of anything between 6st 12lbs & 9st 4lbs is ‘healthy’. The latter part I can handle, infact my aim is to end up somewhere around 9st, but 6st 12lbs?!! Are they serious!!?? That’s a whole 5st 5lbs below my current weight! Now don’t get me wrong, I need to lost weight, but I not that much… If I lost that much weight I fear I’d disappear!! Okay, maybe a little exaggerated but surely weighing that little isn’t completely healthy! Imagine how gaunt I would look!! I probably haven’t weighed under 7st since I was in primary school!! 

So in light of this, I’ve decided to do a little reading into ideal weights and how they are actually determined. I’m also interested to see if there are any conflicting opinions surrounding what constitutes an ‘ideal weight’. I can’t promise I will get time to do this today, but I will certainly report back with my findings once I’ve done so! 

Happy Friday followers! I’ll be back later with my daily progress update! 

Onwards and downwards,

Big love 😘

And so the journey begins…

So day one is upon me and quite frankly I couldn’t have chosen a worse day… The cupboards are pretty bare as shopping day isn’t until tomorrow so this could make for some interesting meal choices! On the plus side, not a single sweet or piece of chocolate in sight so there is no temptation there! At least the fruit bowl is pretty full!

I have decided to restart my journey on ‘My Fitness Pal’ (MissR8 should anyone wish to add me!) and have also started a Facebook page to run alongside this blog. I will be using my Facebook page to post any blog updates, progress photos, food photos and recipes, interesting links etc. why not pop over and give it a like? You can find it at

So here is how my day went… I’ve had a good day food wise if I’m honest, better than I’d expected considering the food choices in the house at present! Breakfast consisted of fruit and yogurt although I must admit I was feeling pretty hungry again by 11:00am! But my first coffee of the day put the hunger at bay for a little longer!



For lunch I chucked together some tuna mayo crunch and some jacket potatoes, I even got to cook and eat it in peace whilst the monster had his nap!!



Tea time proved a little more of a struggle with the lack of food choice but I found some pollock lurking in the freezer, I cooked up loads of veg and had a little treat with a pouch of uncle bens special fried rice (which I will add was very delicious, but so not worth almost 400 calories so I certainly won’t be in a hurry to have it again!)



So along with a banana this evening, that is my food for the day, coming in at a total of 1,335 calories. I’ve also drank a lot more water today than usual, something I’ve always struggled with… Believe it or not I do genuinely forget to drink most days, something I firmly believe has impacted upon my weight by slowing down my metabolism!

This evening I decided to take a walk with Taylor and popped into boots to weigh myself… I’m not sure what I’m more depressed about though, the fact it confirmed I’m a fatty or the fact it told me I’m shorter than I thought!! Okay so it was only 0.4 inches shorter but when you’re vertically challenged like myself, every little counts! (Right ladies?! 😉)

So here’s the verdict, and I must be feeling brave to share this publicly… My journey starts at a weight of 12st 3lbs (that’s right a whole 171lbs, the heaviest I’ve ever been) and my BMI currently stands at 32.9. Yet whilst this makes me feel awfully sad, I’m also quietly pleased because I weighed in at exactly the same a few weeks ago and have since been on a 10 night all inclusive holiday where I ate and drank enough to sustain a small village (okay, perhaps a little exaggerated but not far wrong!!). Although my ideal weight and BMI seem currently so far out of reach, and the journey will be a long one, I can safely say that is the last time I will see those numbers on the scales.

Onwards and downwards!!

Big love 😘

Hello world!


Firstly let me tell you a little about me…

I am Natalie, I’m 27 years old, living in picturesque Cornwall with my fiancé Rob and our wonderful, handsome, mischievous 1 year old son Taylor! I am currently a stay at home mum, enjoying every second of Taylor’s childhood which seems to be flying by quicker by the day!!

I’m your average female, constantly stressing over my weight and yo-yo dieting! I’ve tried several diets over the years but quite frankly most of them lasted about as long as chocolate does in my house!! Slimfast has appeared in my cupboards on numerous occasions but let’s face it… I love food & slimfast ain’t no food!!! The Dukan diet was a success for the time I followed it, but like most diets, all the chub found its way back once the consumption of ‘real food’ returned!!

Slimming world on the other hand, I’m a big lover of!! I’ve lost many a lb on the trusty old slimming world eating plan! In fact I was totally in reaching distance of my ‘ideal’ weight… And then I fell pregnant!! And of course pregnancy is the perfect excuse to eat anything and everything in sight! Needless to say I was soon back where I started and 15 months later I’m still there! 

I mean, there’s only so long you can pull the “I’ve just had a baby” card right?!! So I think it’s about time I got my fat, chocoholic, food loving ass in gear and got skinny (she says whilst eating marshmallows!!!)! And so here I begin… Tomorrow is a new day and the start of a new journey for me, a journey to a healthy, happy and slimmer me! And I will be sharing every second of my journey on my blog! Every lb lost, every lb gained, the shrinking inches, the yummy recipes and even the naughty treats and cock ups! 

Time to unleash the skinny bird in me…

I can do this, I WILL do this! 💪🏻